The Topaz vacuum Tube Linestage

Canta Audio Topaz line stage is the outcome of several years’ research and development. Most of that time was invested in fine-tuning, reliability checking and proper operation tests. We can therefore provide a 3-year guarantee for all parts, except for tubes that are covered for 6 months.

We opted for a tube-based line stage design, as tubes allow for the most minimalistic approach, regarding the number of components needed, in comparison with solid state.

We maintain a deep respect for the so-called “vintage” designs, mainly because they demonstrate the rare engineering skill of technicians who could not count on modern tooling and componentry, such integrated regulators, op-amps, or on today’s vast plethora of high-grade materials. The sonic result would more often be colorful than neutral but in many cases very natural. It is not uncommon for an old design to “lock on” the thin textures of music, in a way that is nowadays scarce.

Canta Audio’s approach is a sophisticated blend of both past and present eras, to give the best from both worlds. The Topaz line stage identifies itself as a genuine sample of this innovative architecture but most importantly as the axis to connect two basic principles: Natural saturation and neutral behavior.

Critical attention has been given where it matters, to make sure that not even the minimum loss of low-level information would be allowed. This is something that night listeners will definitely appreciate as one of the Topaz preamplifier’s most valuable virtues. We won’t hide the fact that its fine-tuning sessions included a great amount of midnight listening at low volume levels.

Sophisticatedly voiced using special NOS components from Canta Audio’s stock, the Topaz’s PSU section collaborates with the rest of the circuit, to deliver a wide soundstage, along with openness, lifelike dynamics, natural timbres and low level information in spades; Topaz lets you literally monitor and isolate every detail.


Technical Specifications


Tubes: 2x 6N23P NOS
Inputs: 5x line (RCA)
Outputs: 2x line out, 1x rec out (RCA)
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 100kHz
Output Impedance: Less than 130Ω
Dimensions: 420x134x328 (mm, WxHxD)
Weight: 14 kg


Find more information in Topaz’s Leaflet

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