Not less than or equal to music


Not all recordings are created equal; nevertheless Canta Audio is assigned to be proof of concept that all music encapsulated in every available format can be retrieved and reproduced with equal zeal and respect to the invaluable status it may have for each one of us. There is tremendous depth in even the darkest passages and unbelievable color gamut in even the faintest overtones and we care!

Despite being a recent entry on the market, our research in reinventing the palette of components available has been going on for years now; out of the best varieties we pick the ones we value as designed to fit the application, in contrast to the common marketing approach that everything carbon, aerospace, 105+ degrees Celsius etc is good for sound too. Accordingly, no Company’s claim to produce “audiophile” or “audio-grade” stuff is taken for granted. We need to audition every part and possible combination in real-world circumstances, i.e. in our circuit design, a process that is time consuming beyond logic. Couple this to the fact that the manufacturing process is thoroughly accomplished by hand and exhaustively quality-controlled by ourselves, a small group of people, and please understand that production numbers are bound to be scarce by today’s consumer standards. It’s a risk we are willing to take!

We feel that the art of composing and performing has never been about filling a concert hall with people all dressed up or flooding the box office; although this is an inevitable, let alone desirable, consequence. It has been about free expression, about taking you to places you’d only or never imagine, about finally bailing you out of there should you wish so… In other words, there is substantial drama in a score; it starts to build right from silence to finally reveal infinite nuances in our state of mind. Transparent to the quasi-silent levels, able and refined to the very peak of musical volume and drama, Canta Audio devices are a confident leap towards this direction, a leap so big you have to know about. The fact that they can also fetch you concert hall or studio in 3D is just an inevitable, let alone desirable, consequence.